Enigma Variations: A 2018 Smut Marathon Guide to Erotic Writing

Welcome to the ultimate guide to erotic writing… the Smut Marathon, an exciting annual event attracting the best names in erotic writing.

In the first of these annual guides, you’ll find the finest sexy writing selected from nearly 100 participants, all eager to get your creative and erotic juices flowing.

From thirty-character microfictions in the first round to 2500-word short stories for the final round, there’s a wealth of writing styles and genres to get excited about, for authors and readers of erotica alike.

Judges: Tiggs, Marc van Lier, Molly Moore, Michael Knight and Liza Daen.

Contributors, as chosen by Marie Rebelle and the judges and voters: Annie Savoy, Aurora Glory, Beatrix Bottomsby, Brigit Delaney, Cara Thereon, Charlie Powell, Charlton C. Tod, Cousin Pons, Exhibit A, Floss Liddell, J.V. Speyer, Kitt Wolf, Marsha Adams, May More, The Other Livvy, Violet Fawkes and Wriggly Kitty.

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