To Report or Not to Report

To Report Or Not To Report: Survivor Testimony of the (In)Justice System sheds light on the real-life experiences of survivors in their decision to report, or not to report, what happened to them.

Only a minority of rape survivors report the crime. Why is that?

Only a portion of those rapes reported are prosecuted. What’s it like to live through that betrayal of the justice process?

Only a tiny minority of rape prosecutions end in a conviction. How does that feel to the survivor?

With chapters written by the survivors of the ReConnected Life Community, this book shines a light on the Justice System from those who are rarely heard: the victim. This is the perspective that is silenced by that System because the system isn’t personal: this is personal.

The final section includes perspectives from professionals supporting survivors in and around the Justice System. With perspectives from Jessica Eaton, Rhiannon Evans, Dr Sarah Heke, Annie Rose & Lynne Tooze, Lucy Allwright & Jennifer Holly, and Dr. Nina Burrowes, they highlight some of the critical issues, and also share some thoughts for how to solve them.

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